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Design production process:

 1. the first upload you need to design documents and indicate the need to produce products and product content (specify: the back cover,
design style template, the number of documents,horizontal or vertical version, design requirements,Design the typesetting sequence etc.),
we will 7 working days About the design of the draft issued to  your  mailbox, waiting for you to determine the start after the production of products.

2. we only provide free simple design layout, at most modified only once. 

3. If you need to customize the design layout, each page (2 pages) charges $ 6- $10. Revised plans for each$ 5-$15. Other professional design fees another pricing.

4.The end of the design file 4mm cut within the cut position

5.Custom album size please contact us



Design the typesetting sequence:


1.Typesetting by file name

2.By custom typesetting or wedding process










design style


Style A


Style B



Style C



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