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Leather Crystal Ablum

Hardened Anti-Scratch Glass

Precision Facet Cut





Leather Crystal Ablum



16  pages  price

Extra page










You can choice White and black leather, Deer profile.

If Add 15% to the price on the metal cover, add 50% on the price of the silk paper and art paper on the inside, and add 50% to the price base with all metal paper albums.

Prices include a simple design pictures,print photos(Matt  paper), 20 pages pvc ,photo album.

Delivery time within 15 working days delivery, if Urgent about 5-7 working days.

Sydney delivery charge is $15. other city $20. Can also come to our shop to take products.

If the first side, the second side, the last two sides need to add a black card, there are 16 pages.If you don't need the top 2 pages and the last 2 pages of black cards, all 20 pages are photos.

Hot Stamping Customer name (Up to 18 alphanumeric characters) plus $30 every time. company logo costs $20 every time.

Gst+10%  (This Price Not include gst)

If you have a large number of monthly photo albums, you can contact us with a discount.






Perfect stamping married name or company name


Rigid Thick Unbending Pages

Flush Mounted on Substrate Core Hand-crafted to Last



Breathtaking Landscapes on

Seamless 2-pages spread

Power By xxxx.Tec